安保安防的业务开拓与维系有哪些? - 常见问题





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Security business development and customer maintenance issues are related to the survival and development of the security company, and exist in various stages of the security manager's career. Business development is not only perplexing the new people, but also lingering around the boss. When the security manager wins the new business and new customers, it immediately faces the maintenance of business and customers. In a word, business development and maintenance will run through the whole process of the security manager's career. However, it should be seen that all business problems (that is, commonly referred to as the passenger problem), in the final analysis, are personnel issues. The staff here refer not only to the customers, but also to the security personnel, because all businesses are the business of a specific customer, and all businesses need specific people to do so. Therefore, to solve the problem of business from the problem of personnel, and from the two aspects of customers and security business managers.
This article will further discuss how to win customers and how to improve customer loyalty from the perspective of establishing customer trust.
If a questionnaire is issued to the security veterans, in many related business issues, the problem of business sources is bound to be the first choice for most managers. The new company for those customers, the company constantly bustling senior envy. Some new companies think they are just starting up without business. It is inevitable that they will naturally have business when they have worked for a long time, and when some time comes to a certain level, some security managers do not attribute their opportunities to bad opportunities or bad luck. More than once, we hear the saying, "I just don't have a chance to meet a big customer. Otherwise, I'll have a good job." Or, "the last time that customer was in touch, my luck was not so good." So, is the security business growing naturally over time, or is it as accidental as the lottery?
The issue of business origin is a profound topic. As for security managers, it depends not only on Lawyers' professional skills, professionalism, professionalism and attitude, but also on deeper levels. Such as the security manager's value system and world outlook. It can not be denied that the amount of business has a certain relationship with the length of the time, and sometimes it does have to do with opportunities or luck. However, this does not mean that the business source problem can only be resigned, or the business is expected to increase with the time of employment. In terms of business sources, our understanding of "opportunities always favor those who are prepared" is that it is related to individual efforts of security managers. To a certain extent, the security manager is able to seize the opportunity. In this case, how can we grasp the opportunity? This is no standard answer or no answer to the question, what is the secret, the secret is not to mention or a fixed pattern. If there is any, no one will discuss the topic.
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